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You know what they say. There is no such thing as bad press. Take a moment and check out the review of the
awesome short film ‘Family Business.’




Well surprise, surprise; ‘Family Business’ is getting shown at Tri-Cities International Fantastic Film Festival. This was an unexpected bonus as we knew nothing about it until we were contacted. I can’t help but wonder why Lion’s Gate only gave it a single glance. I know, I know, “What the Hell is a “Zombie Unicorn!”


This is the concept art for my first feature ‘Torment.’


Good news everyone, ‘Family Business’ will be screened at LoneStarCon 3 in San Antonio.


Made it as an official selection but didn’t win, maybe next time.

Good news, ‘Family Business’ is now an official selection at the Phenom Film Fest. The details can be found here: http://www.phenomfilmfest.org/



Also to all involved we are heading out to the festival that weekend to give ‘Family Business’ the credit it deserves.

*** Note ***
Upon our arrival at Phenom I was told that “Audience Choice” was cancelled only for the sci-fi category because ‘Family Business’ was being shown in that category.
Then at Midnight before the awards I asked the owners of the festival when the awards would be announced for the sci-fi category and I was then told that ‘Family Business’ was disqualified. Why? Because ‘Family Business’ had 90% of the audience vote. Need I say more?


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